Amazon Prime Summer Finds!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying your day! Today I wanted to share some affordable Amazon Prime summer finds that I think you will all love! SWIMSUIT | KIMONO |SHORTS | SUNGLASSES I saw this swimsuit on Hollie Woodward and I fell in love with it! When she said it was on Amazon PrimeContinue reading “Amazon Prime Summer Finds!”

Amazon Prime Dress

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog or welcome if you are new here! Today I’m sharing an amazing Amazon Prime dress for $23 that comes in 3 colors and it’s a must have for any event you have coming up! DRESS | HEELS | EARRINGS | DISC NECKLACE | BAR NECKLACE | BRACELETS OkayContinue reading “Amazon Prime Dress”

Workout Gear Galore!

Happy Friday friends!! We have finally made it to the weekend and I couldn’t be happier! If you know me, you know that fitness is one of my favorite things in life! I always love trying out new workout clothes and finding stuff I feel comfortable in. I wanted to share a pair of leggingsContinue reading “Workout Gear Galore!”

Inexpensive Workout Outfit

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! As many of you know I love to work out. I have been consistently working out for a couple years now and I always love to find new workout gear! For some reason I always feel more motivated when I have cute workout clothes. I wanted toContinue reading “Inexpensive Workout Outfit”

Rovlet Swimsuit Collab!

Welcome back to my blog everyone! As I said yesterday in my Instagram post, I am doing a collab with a swimsuit brand called Rovlet that can be found on Amazon! I am going to be sharing two of their best selling one-piece swimsuits with you guys! They contacted me right during this spring breakContinue reading “Rovlet Swimsuit Collab!”

My Favorite Amazon Prime Leggings!

Hey everyone! I shared a pair of leggings on my Instagram story last week from Amazon Prime and I am finally taking the time to write up a blog post on them! They are my new favorite leggings and they’re only $25! I’m also going to be sharing a workout top from Amazon that IContinue reading “My Favorite Amazon Prime Leggings!”

OOTD 2/17/19

Sundays are always lazy days for me! Today I’m sharing an Amazon Prime find that is perfect for your cozy days! This is my favorite sherpa I have! The reason I love it so much is because you can cinch the bottom so it doesn’t look so wide like other sherpas! I found this oneContinue reading “OOTD 2/17/19”

My Favorite Amazon Prime Apple Watch Bands!

I have four affordable watch bands from Amazon that I am loving and I wanted to share with you all! Keep reading to see all of them! This first one is a Louis Vuitton knock off! I love wearing this one with nicer outfits because it makes your apple watch look like a real watch!Continue reading “My Favorite Amazon Prime Apple Watch Bands!”

OOTD 2/6/19

I’m sharing an affordable Valentine’s Day graphic tee paired with my favorite denim jacket in this post! This is going to be a short one but I hope you like it! 🙂 How cute is this tee for Valentine’s Day? Luckily it’s on sale for $20 and all sizes are in stock! I think it’sContinue reading “OOTD 2/6/19”

OOTD 2/5/19

Today I’m sharing a cozy look with a very affordable top from Amazon Prime! I’m linking all of the details below! 🙂 I’m absolutely obsessed with this outfit today! It’s so cozy but unfortunately this cardigan sold out before mine was shipped to me! 😦 I will keep you all updated if it ever becomesContinue reading “OOTD 2/5/19”