Workout Gear Galore!

Happy Friday friends!! We have finally made it to the weekend and I couldn’t be happier! If you know me, you know that fitness is one of my favorite things in life! I always love trying out new workout clothes and finding stuff I feel comfortable in. I wanted to share a pair of leggings from Amazon that I have been loving lately!


My favorite thing to do at the gym right now is the stair master! I honestly probably would not were these leggings to the gym for a super intense, sweaty workout though since they are light colored and sweat shows right through haha! If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram for a while, I posted these exact leggings in a dark pink color a few weeks ago. They are available on Amazon Prime for only $25 and are seriously the quality of Lululemon leggings. I am so impressed!

I have been loving wearing bright/pastel leggings with big sweatshirts lately, weird I know. This is the most practical for me since I am a student. I wear stuff like this to class all the time because it’s comfy and easy to throw on. I absolutely love the color of these leggings. This is the “blue moon” color, but they are available in 11 colors! I am wearing a small, but I could’ve also done a size XS too. It just depends how tight you want them. These are tight on me, but if I really wanted them to suck me in I would size down to the XS! My tank is Lululemon but I bought it off Poshmark because I was not about to spend $58 on the brand new one! If you ever want Lululemon clothes, definitely check Poshmark first, they usually have whatever you want for WAY cheaper! (Not to mention, this tank isn’t the greatest quality either, it snags super easily!) Lastly, my shoes are the New Balance ones I have been talking about for a while! They are the comfiest shoes ever, and perfect for any workout! They also come in a bunch of colors!

Having cute workout clothes always makes me more motivated to get my workouts done, so I hope this does the same for you! Have a great Friday everyone!

xoxo, Bailey šŸ™‚

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Hello everyone! I'm so happy you're here! My name is Bailey and I am a 22 year old lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blogger! I love to share daily outfit inspiration, affordable style, beauty products, makeup tips and my everyday life. I am on the app and Instagram (both @bailey.boyer). I hope you stick around!

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