My Favorite Amazon Prime Apple Watch Bands!

I have four affordable watch bands from Amazon that I am loving and I wanted to share with you all! Keep reading to see all of them!

$12.99 Amazon Prime!

This first one is a Louis Vuitton knock off! I love wearing this one with nicer outfits because it makes your apple watch look like a real watch! If you have super tiny wrists I would not recommend this one because I have this on the tightest loop and it’s still a tad loose on my wrist! I can still wear it but that’s just something to keep in mind before buying!

Linking here:

$9.99 Amazon Prime!

This next one is a dupe for the Apple Milanese Loop watch bands which are outrageously expensive! This one is only $10 and I’m sure it’s just as good! This one is great because you can dress it up or down and the clasp is magnetic so it’s super easy to tighten and loosen! I have a photo down below that shows it! This one also comes in a lot of colors to match your watch!

A close up of the magnetic clasp!

Linking silver mesh band here:

$9.99 Amazon Prime!

Luckily a few bloggers I follow shared this one so that is how I found it! This one is probably my favorite out of all of these! You can get a better look at the leopard in the actual stock photo (link below). This one can be tightened and loosened like the standard Apple watch band!

Leopard band linked here:

$7.90 Amazon Prime!

Last but not least is this athletic watch band! This is perfect for everyone who works out! The clasp is super easy to tighten and loosen as well. It comes in 13 colors and for $7.90 you might as well buy all of them!

Close up of the clasp!

Black athletic band linked here:

That is all for this post! I’m sure I will have more watch bands to share in the future because Amazon has so many good ones to choose from! If you haven’t checked them out yet I highly recommend doing so! Catch you in my next post!

xoxo, Bailey

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